Merchant Rules

Enchanted Fairy Tale Hunt -- Rules For Merchants

Welcome to the Enchanted Fairy Tale hunt! The theme is anything fairy tale related.

*General Guidelines*

*Builder's shops CAN join in the hunt.  If you sell full perm items that others can use to make things, you are very welcome.

*You may list multiple shops in the hunt! If you do, each location must have a different prize.

1. If your shop moves, please drop a notecard to Philomena Steampunk with the new landmark and slurl in the mailbox under the hunt sign at  Hunt Office

2. Your shop cannot be a mall spot, unless it has direct teleporting.  The landing area needs to be at your shop.

3, Your prize must be related to Fairy Tales. It must be a new item created by you. You are allowed to do a recolor of an existing item, if you have never sold that color before in your shop. 

4.The hunt prize must be of the same quality as the other items you sell. You do not have to do a male and female gift, but the gentlemen will love you if you do..... at least unisex! Shops that do both male and female, or unisex will have it noted on the list and blog.

5. The hunt order is going to be randomly generated.

6. There will be 2 groups for the hunt, one for the merchants and one for the hunters.  If you don't have group space available, merchants will have the option to join a subscriber instead.

7. BE NICE TO THE HUNTERS!  Without them, we wouldn't have hunts!
 A hunter who has fun looking for your prize, enjoys the prize they get and has a good experience will come back to your shop.  Some people will use area search, that is just a fact.  If you ban a hunter for doing this, you will be removed from the hunt.  If you are rude to a hunter, you will quickly be removed from the hunt.   Saying that, if you are having trouble with a hunter being problematic, please contact Philomena Steampunk asap and we will deal with the situation.

8. I will be sending you a sign and welcome card as soon as you are approved for the hunt.



Hunt signs need to be put out as soon as they are received.
I will be doing a walk through of shops each week to make sure the ones accepted have their signs out.

A new hunt sign will be send out about a week before the hunt starts with the hint object attached and info inside for hunters. Applications will be taken until September 10th and the final list out one week before it starts.



1. Set your hunt object to Sale, Contents, $1L

2. Do not change the size of the object or the name. Don't hide it inside another object or on/in front of an object for sale.

2. Decoys.  You can use decoys but please don't put out an excessive amount of them.

3. If your object is more than 30m from your landing point, you need to use the included hunt tracks to point the general direction to the hunters.



Hints are required and will be via a chatter script inside the hunt object attached to the FINAL sign. 

We will be placing pictures of your hunt gifts on the blog, so if you are interested please send those in as soon as they are available.  A note for hints & photos is included in this pack.

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