Hunt Order and Links

Welcome to the hunt order page!  Here are our merchants and their slurls. Just click to visit their shops!


#1 Sponsor Texture Junction M Click to visit
Hint: Where fantasy abounds.

Here are the rest of our sponsors, and first in the hunt. Thank you to each and everyone of them!

1. Timeless Textures M Click to visit
Hint: As you wander through a room full of BRIGHT COLOUR, take a moment to pet the KITTY, you'll find his faery friend nearby about to JOIN the group

.:Dark Cat:. M Click to visit

Hint: Complete Tiny avatar mesh

3. Lady Dragon's Design M Click to visit
Hint: Peeking around the Corner of Current Events

4. Facepalm A Click to visit

5. Lindy's Designs M Click to visit
Hint: Click Me! 

6. Tiffany Designs M Click to visit 

7. Imagine Flowers and Garden M Click to visit
Hint: Psychic path or...?

8. Dixie Dandelion M Click to visit   
Hint: I hope I don't get redelivered.  

9. Firelight Creations M Click to visit 
Hint: Hurry! Find me before Midnight!

10. .:Stone Misery:. Prefabs & Furniture A Click to visit
Hint: Redeliver us from evil...

And a big thank you to the rest of our hunt participants!

11. United InshCon M  Click to visit

12. Shae's G Click to visit 

13. Morte's Seduction & Finesmiths Creations Click to visit

14. .Oh!Liv. M Click to visit

15. Caramba G Click to visit
Hint: you can find me very near from here... I am outside near the other fairies.

16. Grumble M Click to visit 
Hint: All about the pearls

17. ~{The Purple Facade}~ G  Click to visit

18. Adorably Strange Wares G Click to visit
Hint: Books and Seahorses, not really Enchanting but they are good company.

19. Lone Wolf Studio G Click to visit 
Hint: Books and Seahorses, not really Enchanting but they are good company.

20. Buccaneer's Restorations M Click to visit  
Hint: Back through history and into the woods, This fairy hides amongst trolls. 

21. An Lema  Click to visit
Hint: Knowledge is the tree of wisdom, and the reward lies at the tree's root.

22. Petite Plunder & Immortals Inspirations M Click to visit
Hint: I don't care what you say, that Petite Fuchsia Fairy is HUGE!

23. ! Vamp ! Beautiful creations  M Click to visit

24. SANNA - SCIENCE and ART M  Click to visit
Hint: Its the Midnight Mania Board ! Well, yes .... One of the three :-))

25. Simply Shelby M  Click to visit
Hint: Let's escape to our backyard hideout and read fairy tales!  

26. Stitches Creations M  Click to visit

27. Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop M Click to visit
Hint: I would buy a full moon... in the 'Weddings & Celebrations' shop!

28. VelvetOnyx Jewell A Click to visit

29. Sour Pickles M  Click to visit

30. [QE] Designs M  Click to visit

31. Sweet Intoxication M  Click to visit

32. KiNKY PiXELS M  Click to visit

33. Darkmatter G  Click to visit
Hint:  Shoes and nails, oh my

34. Nomiki's Creations M  Click to visit
Hint:  Nice to pack things in this, yet I think I'll just sit on it instead!

35. ~*Sweet Revolutions*~ M  Click to visit

36. Thistle Moon Designs M Click to visit

37. Ciara's Creations A Click to visit
Hint: Under the Rainbow

38. Dictatorshop A  Click to visit

39. Khari's M Click to visit
Hint: Are these Demi Fay or real butterflies?  

40. @AdReNaLiZeD@ M Click to visit
 Hint: Fly away on gossamer wings.

41. PeKaS Gorean & Urban Designs M  Click to visit
Hint: U will got me at midnight if u lock me down

42. Galleria Kakku M  Click to visit
Hint: "When you touch a star then you really are enchanted - Find a seed and plant it, love will make it grow"

43. Ecstasy M  Click to visit                      


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  1. Just a head's up. The Dark Cat slurl above leads to falling through the SL skies (with flight turned off).